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Happy Birthday Changmin!

OHMYGOD He's so old now -.-" He had joined his hyungs in the 'age' department!!!! D: but I still love him.... and I WILL GET MARRIED TO HIM! *gets killed* Hmph, ok well if not in real life then in my dreams and no one will be able to stop me, ok?

It's still his birthday where I'm living so it's alright, I'm not late in wishing him a 'Happy Birthday'

But how can he go from this:

to this:

I <33333 him :D

on another note, I did say I was going to be on hiatus since the 14th buuut since I hadn't updated my fics, I must update most if not all of them so this weekend (maybe until Monday) I'll be working on my fics since we have like a 'holiday' and I have three days of vacation. well, really one cuz the weekends shouldn't count, ok off topic. Ummmm, also I'm sick and feel like utter XSTVGFBHJCSDBGHDAS Major headache and ew sneezing and coughing but whatever, I'll continue to write for my lovely readers ^^ but yeah, from this tuesday on, i'll only be showing up once in a while.... ah my DBSK times is going to be limited T.T I WILL DIEEEEEE

hm that's it~
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