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Ah semi-important notice...

Ok! So once again I must go on a brief hiatus (ok i lie, it will be like... really long hiatus but I'm trying to make it seem less worse...) oh well I have testing coming up (again a lie, it's all until March but hey, time flies by fast and i must study!). Um i have HUNDREDS of tests (wow, I'm lying to you guys too much, i have only like.... 8? yeah, 8-ish tests, I'm not sure but that's A LOT) And all these tests are important for my future :D  So yeah, I must study and i hate studying but i must do so in order to get good grades and if i have good grades then I am happy and I will update ^^ Hmmm, to those that live in the US and more specifically California, I'm sure you've heard of CST's right? Well... if you've already graduated or are on the upper grade levels, and have taken Math Analysis... you would love to help me out right? AND AP testing! God, those classes are tough on your sleeping! those lovely people that help me will get a one-shot written to them! LOL kidding (or am i?), but seriously, I need help in all my classes... especially HISTORY! I despise history (I'm sorry to all those that enjoy it, but ugh I find it so difficult to remember who did what and who killed who and if that person conquered that country or yeah, you get the point) But anyways, this was all about me being on hiatus.

The good news is that I wont be in hiatus until Monday (Feb 14) I will try my hardest to update AAAALLLLLLL my fics (MTBL, N-SOL -ooh interesting name- umm, of the 'Decisions' one O.o um i also have a YunJae/SiChul... and... I think that's it, if i'm missing one please feel free to remind me but those are the ones i must update before Monday k? That way my lovely readers aren't abandoned... which bring up another good point, it's like... i have about 300-ish friends and yet the most comments i get is 60! What.the.hell? I KNOW who my loyal readers/friends are, I can name about 20 or so whom I <3 because they never fail to drop by but seriously! If people are just friending me to read my stories ONE time and then forget about me *cries* so not going to work... >.<  but whatever, I'm too tired to do anything about that... um I think that's it.... hiatus, check, updating, check, friends, check...

Yeah that's all i needed to say, so just giving you guys a heads up~ Adios~
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